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Brushed Gold And Crystal Statement Necklace

Brushed Gold And Crystal Statement Necklace.

Beautiful soft and elegant statement necklace. Fine chain with lobster closure. Reversible for a less dressy look.
Matching earrings and bracelet are also available.


My passion and drive is to provide a beautiful selection of high quality designer inspired jewelry to ALL women from EVERY socioeconomic background. A woman shouldn’t have to choose between her two favorite pieces of jewelry because she can only afford one. That belief is the driving force behind my company. I will do my very best to keep the store fresh and exciting with new cable jewelry pieces and other designer inspired styles of fashion jewelry arriving weekly. Great jewelry, does not always have to be designer jewelry.  Check back regularly by joining our mailing list and take advantage of our trendy, fun and fashionable selection!

Wearing an expensive piece of jewelry is wonderful to experience. It’s terrific as an heirloom too, but fashion jewelry can win a woman’s heart as well. Buy one, buy two, buy as many pieces as you like for every outfit that you have in your closet! Guilt free, will not cause any marital issues (ok, I’m being a bit cheeky).

Attention Husbands

If you have found this blog you are off to a great start. Do you break out in a sweat when it’s special occasion time? Do you rack your brain trying to figure out what to buy your significant other for Valentines Day, Anniversaries and Christmas? Have you made the mistake in the past of purchasing a kitchen appliance or other gadget to make your woman’s life easier and then found yourself in the dog house because it just wasn’t her thing? Looks A Lot Alike has hundreds of gorgeous designer inspired pieces to choose from.


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