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Want to make a statement with a gift?

When you want to make a statement with a gift, there is no better way than giving that special someone a diamond pendant necklace. It is versatile enough to be worn while attending a casual dinner or at a black tie affair. You can be assured that when you give her a diamond pendant necklace, it will immediately become her favorite piece of jewelry.

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As you are hunting for your necklace, you will see a wide variety of options to choose from. It will help if you know the size of jewelry you prefer to wear (or the person that you are buying it for) and the style. This will help with choosing a setting and exactly how the diamond will be displayed in the necklace.

Diamond necklaces come in just about any style that you can imagine. For the most part, they are either solitaires or have a main diamond with other stones or diamonds to accent it (usually baggets). Some people like the quiet class of a solitaire and will get a higher end diamond to be the focus of their necklace. Others may prefer to have multiple diamonds for the wow factor that it will bring.

The settings for the diamonds vary extensively as well and help to enhance the look of the necklace. Some are traditionally shaped and others are designed to create a fun, unique, and funky look. Round diamond solitaire pendants are the most popular style because their simplicity and brilliance can easily add sparkle to any wardrobe.

One of the secrets of the perfect diamond is to get the right size. If you choose something that is too small and have a loud wardrobe, you may find that the diamond gets lost in the shuffle. On the other hand, if you have a simple, classic style and get something too big, it will look totally out of place.

Popular diamond pendant necklace styles include circles, ovals, hearts, and teardrop shapes. Other pendants have specific shapes to represent your favorite things like animals, flags, and butterflies. Some pendants are great if you want to purchase a piece of jewelry to celebrate a specific event in a young person's life. Diamond pendants are popular gifts for bat mitzvahs, confirmations, graduations, and other special occasions you want to celebrate with your teenage daughter.

Selecting a new diamond pendant necklace for your jewelry collection is a fun and rewarding experience. There's nothing like finding that perfect piece and wearing it for the first time. You're sure to turn heads and receive lots of compliments when you wear your brilliant new diamond necklace!

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