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Essential Bike Accessories for Your New Bike

We don't just buy bicycles and call it a day. Bikes need accessories, and today we will be highlighting some of the bike accessories that you need to purchase along with your brand new bike.

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The helmet is the first and obvious accessory that you should buy. Helmets are for your own safety and will go a long way in protecting you should an accident occur. The good thing with helmets is that they are light in weight and tend to have various openings, which means that they provide adequate air circulation. Its surprising that many people only realise the value of a bike lock after the bike has been stolen. Unfortunately, bikes are easy to steal and the last thing you want is to find that your bike was stolen. The only way a bike with a lock can be stolen is if the thief carries the bike and this would obviously attract unnecessary attention. A bike lock equals safety. Bike lights are also essential, they are easy to install and quite affordable. Whether it's day or night, lights do a great job of alerting drivers that a cyclist is on the road.

A bike pump is one of the most essential bike accessory you can have. You are guaranteed to have flat tires a number of times during your cycling expeditions and a good pump will come in handy. In addition to a pump, you will also require a spare tube or a patch kit just incase air is not all that's needed. With all these accessories, the need for extra storage cannot be undermined since you will need to place your accessories, cell phone, keys and water close at hand. There are various storage accessories you can purchase and these can be placed on the front of the bike or behind the seat.

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