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How to Choose the Best Shoes for Crossfit

First off, there's no hiding the benefits that come from buying a pair of shoes (or any equipment in fact) designed for your sport. In general, high-end sports equipment products are put through durability tests to ensure that your shoes, for example, don't wear off after a few sessions of your specific activity. Who hasn't tried to bring their basketball shoes or a pair from another sport to a crossfit training only to find them destroyed after a few sessions? And the same thing could be said about any other sports as well. Tennis shows, for instance, are made with the front of the foot very durable, so that when the player is on his toes on a serve and slides his foot on cement, that the foot won't be destroyed.

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Well, crossfit shoes are designed exactly to be durable in all the things you do during a crossfit training, be it weightlifting or just plainly running. Its a more versatile and balanced type of shoe for sure, but it's designed to provide you with more feel and freedom during your training. Most Crossfit shoes are less supportive for the foot, so don't be surprised. Many are what we call barefoot, which means that the pair is looking to make you feel like you don't have anything on. This can lead to a very dynamic and precise workout. Changes in direction are also easier to make in Crossfit shoes as the shoe is lower and more dynamic as a whole. And let's not forget the way better performance when it comes to weightlifting. Crossfit shoes are absolutely superior to regular shoes in that area. Look for these caracteristics when you shop around.

So when selecting shoes for Crossfit, what you want to do is read the description and determine if it roughly represents what you're aiming to accomplish. It doesn't have to be exact though you just have to be interested in the pair and it needs to be at least decent for your style of training. There are no Crossfit shoes that can do just everything perfectly, but there are pairs from which you can benefit greatly in precise areas.

For example, take the Inov-8 Bare-XF 260 shoes. If one of your workouts involves rope climbing, these minimal shoes will provide exactly the grip and agility you're looking for. If on the other hand, you're looking to jump, run and change directions quickly, we would much more suggest something like the ASICS Men's Gel-Fortius TR Cross-Training shoe. It's still very low just like the Inov, but it offers more support in the form of gel for when you move and jump. Or for something different take the New Balance Men's MX 1157 NB shoe, which we placed number one in our most recent Top 10. It's a model that offers a lot support and minimal shock, so if you're looking to play sports with the same pair, these will be perfect. So in conclusion, pick your shoes according to variables like the following: shock, support, height, feel and durability. Good luck shopping!

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