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I went to a photo shoot with O.J. McDuffie and Ricky Williams...

I went to a photo shoot with O.J. McDuffie and Ricky Williams for the Signature Grand Ghoul Halloween Event. The event is put on every year to raise money for organizations dedicated to helping children. This year, O.J. McDuffie and Ricky Williams are hosting the event to benefit their charities The O.J. McDuffie Catch 81 Foundation and the Ricky Williams Foundation.

The photo shoot was a blast there was a lot of laughing and a lot of shenanigans. O.J. donned a Roman emperor costume and Ricky Williams dressed as a monk. There we're a couple of really fun photos the photographer was able to capture.

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After the photo shoot was done, I went to Duffys with O.J. and his mother Gloria, to grab some grub. It will come as no surprise that French fries we're part of our feast.We also ordered some fried mushrooms that are also worth mentioning.

The mushrooms arrived first. They we're coated in a batter that made them extra delicious. I will give props to any restaurant that takes something relatively calorie-free, like a mushroom, and finds a way to make it fattening and more of a comfort food. The mushrooms we're good really good.

Next, our meals arrived along with the French fries. I went out on a limb this particular day and ordered a side of sweet potato fries instead of regular French fries. The sweet potato fries we're crinkle cut fries! This came as quite a shock as I have never seen crinkle cut sweet potato fries.

The fries were crispy, hot and sweet. Duffys is not famous for their sweet potato fries, but they we're actually pretty decent for a chain restaurant. They we're not the best I have ever had, but they we're far from the worst. I wouldn't come to Duffys specifically for the French fries, but I would definitely come to enjoy a game, drink a beer and eat some decent fries as an added benefit.

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