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The dilemma with larger smartphones

With the trend of larger and larger smartphones comes an interesting dilemma. While the phones themselves can typically fit into your pocket, adding any more size to the device can make it a bit too bulky. But you want to protect your expensive device with a case, right?

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Necessity, as they say, is the mother of invention. Accessory manufacturers have been on the case for a while now, figuring out how to create protective cases that don't cause these new, larger devices to become too bulky. For the Samsung Galaxy S III, perhaps the most popular smartphone on the market today, they've done a knock-up job.

While there are tons of options on the market, we've narrowed them down to our favorite three. Looking for a high-quality, low-cost case for your device? Check 'em out.

1. Aduro Shell Holster Combo

This is the case I use for my own Galaxy S III. It's a very thing case that clips onto the back of your device, providing it protection against minor drops, dings, and dents. While it doesn't cover the front of the device, the case does extend past the device's surface. That way if you drop it on it's face, the case still absorbs much of the shock. The screen won't even touch the ground.

Even better, the device contains a built-in kickstand. It's a nifty little thing, allowing you to prop up the device to watch video or read a book. Additionally, it can clip into a holster with ease, in case you prefer carrying your phone on your belt and not in your pocket.

You can get the Aduro Shell Holster Combo Galaxy S III case for $ 12.99.

2. CruzerLite Androidified TPU Case

Sometimes sacrificing protection for comfort is a worthwhile tradeoff. The Galaxy S III is already enormous at 4.8 inches. Why make it even bigger? Still, it's tough to ignore the protection aspect. If that thing breaks and you don't have insurance, you're out a few hundred dollars for a replacement. The solution might be as simple as a thin TPU case.

The CruzerLite TPU case won't protect your S III if you drop it down the stairs. But it will protect against minor dings and dents. The big feature, though, is how it barely affects the size of your device. The case slips right over the exterior, adding negligible size all around. That way you can slip it into your pocket with ease.

I'm a particular fan of the green Androidified CruzerLite case, which costs $ 12.90, but you can get it in a whole host of colors. The Android logo is a nice little touch.

3. MiniSuit Versatile Case Cover

How big is a Galaxy S III with a case on it? In many instance you might find it as big as your old smartphone and wallet combined. At least a few accessory manufacturers have wised up to this idea and have created combination cases. Not only does it securely hold your phone, but it also holds your credit cards and cash as well. The MiniSuit case takes this a step further.

Not only does the case hold all that, but it looks nice, too. The leather exterior protects the case against drops and dents, keeping the screen protected as well. It flips in different ways, too, allowing you to use the case as a stand. Then you can slip your ID, credit cards, and cash into the appropriate slots, creating a case and a wallet all in one.

If you're going to get an extra large phone, you might as well eliminate another accessory you carry around. If you're not attached to your current wallet, you can get the MiniSuit Versatile case cover for $ 14.


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