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Homemade Ice Cream Cake so Quick and Easy

Yesterday was our family BBQ and potluck. The thing I don't like about family get togethers is spending hours in the kitchen when I could be spending quality time with my family. But, I found a recipe on Pinterest for a homemade ice cream cake that will help solve some of the problem. This cake takes very little time to throw together. I'm talking maybe 10 minutes IF that. I didn't time myself but I know I put it together fast because I didn't want anyone to see how I made it. It is so quick and easy but it looks like you spent hours on it. If you need a dessert at a last minute notice, this homemade ice cream cake is the way to go. I'll show you how I made mine.

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You actually use ice cream sandwiches for this cake. I bought the vanilla and chocolate wafer ice cream sandwiches at Walmart. For my cake pictured I actually bought 2 boxes but only used part of the second box.

Not only we're they chocolate wafer on one side and vanilla wafer on the other, they also had a stacked layer of vanilla and chocolate ice cream as you can see from the photo on the box above. This made an very interesting and decadent dessert. The cake looked like I spent hours on it.

For this cake you need;

  • ice cream sandwiches
  • cool whip
  • caramel and chocolate magic shell
  • optional: crumbled cookies or candy

I laid down the first layer of ice cream sandwiches and then put cool whip on top of that and drizzled caramel and chocolate magic she'll over the layer.Then I stacked a second layer of ice sandwiches over the first layer going the opposite direction. Now you will have to maneuver the sandwiches around so that they fit, possibly even cutting a piece off, but in the end it makes a very pretty cake.

After the second layer you do the same with the cool whip and caramel and chocolate magic shell. I used 3 layers for my cake.

When I got the last layer on my cake, I covered the entire cake with cool whip and drizzled the magic she'll over the top and let it run down the sides of the cake. I topped it off with a crumbled Hershey candy bar I had left over from our campfire s'mores. When I sliced into this ice cream cake, I had a very decadent and delicious helping of homemade heaven! Everyone raved over it. Only 1 person guessed what it was made of and that's because ice cream sandwiches we're his favorite. I think the vanilla and chocolate wafer mix fooled everyone. You can also use regular ice cream sandwiches. Seriously, you will want to make this cake for your next event as long as you have a freezer to store it in. I had nothing leftover by the way (:

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