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50th Anniversary

The most recent Good and Lovely was the celebration of our parents 50th anniversary. We all dressed up, got into our freezing cold cars and headed towards Jax Caf. We grew up going to Jax Caf on special occasions. It is one of those old fashioned restaurants with great food, service and cloth napkins. We advised all the kids to be on their best behavior oh and our husbands, too. We had a beautiful separate room overlooking the winter garden lit with Christmas lights just the same as I remember as a kid. Most importantly, the live lobsters we're still there in the tank. Ohhhh, nothing better than watching the lobsters and if we we're really lucky we got to see one plucked out for a dinner. It was even in the exact same spot. You don't think those we're the same lobsters do you?? I mean it's been thirty years. Hmmm.

The evening included some favorite memories, a few glasses of wine, toasts and full tummies of good food and souls full of love.

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Jodi made two cakes for the after party. The chocolate one still shows up in my dreams. The video was very cool, Thanks Carl for putting it together for Dean and Jo. You gotta love and admire two people that have stayed together fifty years through thick and thin. It was truly a good and lovely event.

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